Jusiruma - Biology

(as taught by Julie Ireland)

Anaerobic respiration
Biological classification
Calculating index of diversity
Classification: evidence used to determine evolutionary relatedness
Cohesion tension theory of transporting water through xylem
Complementary base pairing
DNA replication (simplified)
Effect of gene mutations
Fertilisers: advantages and disadvantages of organic and inorganic fertilisers
Filtration at the Bowman's Capsule
Fish gas exchange
Gene mutations can introduce genetic diversity within a population
Genetic disorders and patterns of inheritance
Genetically modifying bacteria
How to draw a kite graph
Inheritance of genes: concept and terminology
Introduction to 'decomposition' (A level)
Insect gas exchange
Light dependant reaction of photosynthesis
Light independant reaction of photosynthesis
Loop of Henle (simplified)
Mass flow theory of translocation
Mass flow theory of translocation: sum up
Mitosis and meoisis (plus sources of genetic variation in meoisis)
Nephron introduction
Nitrogen cycle (simplified)
Non-disjunction: mistakes made during meiosis
Photosynthesis introduction
Plant gas exchange and limiting water loss
Protein synthesis part 1: transcription
Protein synthesis part 2: translation
Selective reabsorption at the Proximal Convoluted Tubule
Stages of aerobic respiration (simple)
The cell cycle
The genetic code
The specific immune response
Transport of water through plants: role of xylem
Types of natural selection