Jusiruma Pictures 2014

Anne's 80th birthday party

Day trip to Whitstable

Estelle's wedding

Family Album

High tide at Hove

Holiday in Spain

Holiday pictures

Hove beach and beyond


Jem's August break

Jem's 3rd birthday party

Jem's 3rd year

Jem stays over in Hove

Julie's birthday party

Julie's pictures of Cornwall

Lunch after Donald's Tree

Making Pizzas with Missy


Mary's Birthday Visit to Hove

Natural History Museum

Portmarnock room with a view

Ruby & Jem visit Julie & Baz

Ruby Lee and Jem in Tenerife

Sidney's Hour Record

Sunday in Hackney Wick

Training for the Hour


Walking on Wolstenbury Hill

Watership Games

Wednesday in Hove again

Wednesday rde to Saltdean

Wednesday with Jem & Jake

Weekend in Hackney Wick

Work on the conservatory

Work on the front drive