Sidney in the 1960s

1960 After Kennedy is elected president of the USA, Ross is born and we move to larger first-floor flat. What the hell - we get a car and Anne teaches me to drive.

1961 Yuri Gagarin orbits the earth - the Americans lose their cool. Working in a quiet drawing office in Victoria, I go out one lunch-time and have my beard shaved off. Nobody notices!

1962 The Americans get ratty over a few missiles in Cuba. We are so disgusted, we have another son - Donald. Now the flat's not big enough so I become a property-owning democrat.

1963 Kennedy is assassinated and I get a job in Amsterdam. We rent a house in Bussum and I commute. Using Dutch bikes hired (with child seats) at every station, we zoom around Holland and discover De Efteling, the 'Kinderparadijs'.

1964 As Nelson Mandela is jailed for life, MacMillan tells us we've never had it so good. Still in Holland, we make the round of the ex-pat parties - damn it, always the same Beatles LPs!

1965 America bombs North Vietnam - we join the protest outside the American embassy in Grosvenor Square and say nasty things to the nice policemen on horseback. In my current drawing office, the quest is on to throw a cigarette so that it lands on another person's ear.

1966 China's cultural revolution - maybe we should have one too. We advertise for a baby-sitter and Mary Ireland takes the job. She and I have long conversations about Teilhard de Chardin. Who he? Oh, just some old palaeontologist.

1967 Christian Barnard carries out the first heart transplant - the police check the colour. Mark, Ross and Donald get school photos as you can see. I get a job at Fawley Power Station and start living away from home during the week. Is this a good idea, or am I getting out of my depth? Who knows?

1968 After Nixon is elected president, my contract at Fawley is terminated. I never did like that guy. Back in London, life goes on as usual - or does it? Significantly, here is a picture of Mary.

1969 Man on the moon - the 'greatest technological achievement of the century'. Oh yeah, what about the bicycle? I get an engineering job in Rome (for an American company). Anne and the boys visit at Christmas and we have some Roman fun.

Family man, with Anne and the boys

No 1 son - Mark

No 2 son - Ross

No 3 son - Donald

The baby sitter - Mary