Sidney in the 1970s

1970 Allende elected in Chile - the Americans lose their cool again. Mary comes to Rome and we find a flat near Fontana di Trevi. Meanwhile in London we all move into a big house on May 1st to start a commune. Help! Who's in charge round here?

1971 Decimal currency introduced in UK - strange how prices always seem to be rounded up. Life in the commune is never dull as we try various modes of living. I say goodbye to engineering to start on a three-year teacher's training course. Julie is born - hooray!

1972 Pocket calculators introduced - now everyone is a mathematician. The commune offends the local council, so it's got to stop! Anne and I separate, sell the house and split the proceeds. Mary and I buy a house in Catford and move in with Julie and Donald. We all go to Coverack in a beaten-up Zodiac. Hmm ... narrow roads here.

1973 The Vietnam war is over - the Americans trying to look cool again. At college I try to get friendly with the infinitesimal calculus. We sell the car and get back on to bikes. On holiday this time we train to Penryn, ride to Coverack, then explore the Lizard on our bikes.

1974 Nixon resigns - caught with his fingers in the tape at Watergate. I finish my course and get my teaching certificate. After three years on a grant, I'm too poor to teach so I go back to engineering to get out of debt, but the allure is gone from drawing offices.

1975 Video recorders introduced, but you need a degree to set them up. I teach maths at a local comprehensive. Because I take Julie to her nursery school and pick her up, I have to work part-time. "Think of your career, Mr Schuman" says the head.

1976 First commercial flight of Concorde - right over our house. Julie starts school at Holbeach, while I just happen to be working in the Home Tuition huts in the playground. Mary and I get married - now we won't have to discuss any more whether we should or not.

1977 Elvis Presley dies - a more appropriate epigram than 'Elvis the Pelvis' would be hard to find. We ride with the local CTC on Sundays, with Julie on the back of tandem.

1978 Arab-Israeli war ends with Camp David treaty. Another job offer I can't refuse and we're in Holland again, renting a house in Haarlem. I spend six months doing word games and playing chess - no work.

1979 Thatcher becomes prime minister - who said women were the carers? Coverack again for the seventh time, but things are going to change!

Baby Julie 

Romance in Malahide

Married at last
now we can stop talking about it

Julie and me at Truleigh Hill