Sidney in the 2000s

2000 The Forty Plus goes to Brittany and I get to see the Tour de France. Then I'm 70 - how did that happen? Al Gore, with half a million votes more than Bush, is elected as President of America (only joking).

2001 The Evacuees at the Minack Theatre, starring Ruby Ireland! A good excuse to stay at The Mermaid hotel in Porthcurno. The twin towers in New York are flattened - a bad idea.

2002 It's graduation time for Julie and Ruby and 'nachas' time for Mary and Sidney. A Harry Potter film! Everyone goes mad, but I'm sure it won't last. Ted and Margot visit and fall in love with Hither Green Station.

2003 Two million people march through London to stop the war - so Blair invades Iraq anyway. Wow, that must be a really special relationship he's got there. I win my first quilt at Anne's Christmas concert.

2004 Now it's time to ride up some TdF cols, so Mary and I have a great time in the French Alps. The US can't find any WMD in Iraq, so Bush is President again. Wonderful people, the Americans - great sense of humour.

2005 Ouch! How did that happen? A broken hip? I recover on a cushion of love and Sudoku. The IRA becomes respectable while Israel becomes repugnant. Julie and Baz visit Margot in California to find out how she copes with both sunshine and Schwarzenegger.

2006 Hamas wins the election in Palestine, but that's just too democratic for the Israelis. I rediscover the delights of cycling with Mary - in fact I can hardly keep up with her. Paula is 50 and we celebrate by playing skittles.

2007 We go to Barcelona with our bikes (and the car) via the Bay of Biscay, but we're OK now. Globally, the birth rate is two and a half times the death rate. Well done everyone. Julie graduates again, this time as a doctor.

2008 Ruby graduates again with a Masters and promptly chucks her job in to go round the world with Lee. At last a Democrat as President, but his colour makes Americans lose their sense of humour. The Meridian CC is formed, so now Mary and I know what to do with our spare time.

2009 We go to Ireland to see the aunties. While we're there we get a photo of Mary with Sean Kelly. At the beginning of my 8th decade I start using cleats instead of toeclips and straps. Now I wonder what I'll do at the beginning of my 9th decade? Can't wait!

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 Julie graduates - just you wait says Ruby.



 Stray dog seen in Bilbao



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