Jusiruma cycling - Sidney's world record

Some nice feedback


Email from Mark Holmes

I'm a friend of Ann Sydney as we used to live opposite in Springbank Road. My partner Stella & I (& our kids) were at Ann's 50th & 60th parties, where we will have met. I'm also a bit of a cycling fan. So it was a genuine pleasure and privilege to be able to witness your tremendous, and historic, feat on Friday night. What a fantastic evening! Along with the awe-inspiring venue (my first visit inside), the music, the commentary, and the vocal support of your family and friends - and complete strangers - the thing that sticks with me most is the astonishing consistency of your ride. From almost the first lap to the last, you maintained a pace, a world-record pace, and kept it going. That is a truly skilful performance. Sorry I couldn't wait around at the end to congratulate you in person - we now live out in the wilds of east Kent, and UCI drugs tests and train timetables don't mix! But, may I place on record now my great respect and very best wishes. And I hope you are enjoying a thoroughly deserved restful weekend. Congratulations!


Email from Nigel Derby

My heartiest congratulations and enormous admiration for what you did last Friday. It was magnificent. Joan, Liam and I were noting how you kept absolutely still above the waist, not a movement. You sat up with hands on the top bars for one or two laps in the middle, to ease your back I presume, and then got back into the crouch. You didn't move your head an inch left or right but I think I could see a smile on your face at times as you came past. We weren't given individual lap times, only an over-all average, but I think you did the first two or three laps at 29km pace and then settled into 28.4km unchanged for the rest of the 114. Absolutely perfect  technique. Liam was worried that your average speed on the board was coming steadily downwards but I explained that this was just mathematics and an effect of the fast time on the first few laps. Your overall average speed was asymptotically approaching your actual speed. I am a little ashamed that you contacted me first, before Joan and I contacted you. We were meant to send you a congratulatory card but haven't got our act together yet. We will and  hopefully will see you soon. Are you going to attempt the 85-89yo hour record next year? I expect you've been asked this a lot. Congratulations and best wishes.


Comment from an onlooker

You're the fastest over-eighty on the planet.