Love makes the wheels go round


A taster session started it off

His first time on the track

Sidney was so excited

But couldn't reach the drops


Sidney joined the BC boys

And said he was a racer

Tried to book the velodrome

"Who the hell are you, sir?"


But then Natasha said "Hi Sid"

And everything got sorted

All for him the Olympic track

Complete with welcome notice


So he trained at the velodrome

Best hour was the same

As that French cyclist Marchand

A hundred and going strong


In the months before September

Feeling encouraged and loved

Relishing all the Facebook messages

On his brand new Moto G


Julie spread the message

With the help of Paul B-B

LCC joined in the fun

And so did the CTC


The velodrome bike was all fixed up

To try before the event

With customised high handlebars

And saddle to match his arse


Included in the warm-up laps

Was his introduction to the gate

Then a rider's start for the UCI

Untouched by human hand

The cheering and the banging

Sent him round the bend

At each end of the velodrome

Two hundred and twenty-seven times


Now it's time to leave the track

To cross the cote d'azure

With its fifty plastic sleeper pads

Put there to keep you off


Oh foolish pad just lying there

With others round the track

Waiting for your time to come

When Sidney's wheel comes near


And so it did and up you jumped

To grip that very wheel

Speed brought down to zero

In the twinkling of a shin


Sidney prostrate on the ground

Remembering what was said

"Pads quite safe to ride over"

But not , it seems, this one


Is this the way to set a record

It's never happened before

Maybe for the Guinness Book

But not for the UCI


Hour record - ten seconds old

Had just been set by Sidney

With the help of Beethoven

And family and friends galore


So he thought I've done this

Then others over eighty can too

It helps if you feel loved

Because this is what I've learned


Love makes the wheels go round