Mary one-handed


The pavements were covered with snow

It was freezing real hard down below

On your way to St Paul

You had a bad fall

And ended up feeling quite low


Not being one to complain

You thought you had nothing to gain

By calling a cab

So you walked to the lab

Called Lewisham Hospital (main)


“You’ve broken your arm” said the doc

“Has to go in a cast - you old crock

Put that in a sling

Without any bling

And take a long walk round the block”


Straight after this you went home

And I had to scratch at my dome

I tried hard to help

But caused you to yelp

As I messed up your hair with a comb


The new cast is resin not plaster

So now you do everything faster

But your bike you can’t ride

Until time it has fly-ed

Much further away from disaster


Now you’re the one-handed wonder

Casting all problems asunder

You do your own plait

And not only that

You cook every meal without blunder


One thing I am certain to say:

“Many happy returns of the day”

But don’t look now

If you want to know how

To stop all my hair going grey


It’s good that you’re not doing badly

There is nothing I wouldn’t do gladly

To get you on top

Without any stop

But for now I just love you quite madly



January 2010