Three Score and Ten


Some call her Maeve, but some call her Mary

Some call her Mummy, some call her Granny, some call her Sis

Some of them have even called her 'Miss'


She was born in Dublin, in 1948,

Her Mum and Dad called her Maeve,

Her Aunties and her Uncles made sure that she behaved

And her Granny loved her more and more each day


First there was Mary and then came George,

Next was Shirl and later on came John,

The brothers and the sister look up to Sister Maeve

They thank her for the stories and all the love she gave


Maeve came to London when she was only five

She learned quickly to fit in, she thrived at school

And later became a teacher too

Inspiring little children to live and learn and do


When she met Sidney, she fell in love with him

They soon extended the family

Julie first with dark hair, Ruby next with blonde

Helping to enrich their special bond,


Her girls adore her and now there's two more Js,

Jem and Jody love their grandma Maeve,

Baz and Lee are sons-in-law, adoring Mary too,

So we can add a "mum-in-law" to the titles she is due


She is a rock, she is Mary Ireland!


And Mary is seventy and we love her!



By Julie Ireland