Ode to Ruby



A pearl there was beyond all price

Whom everyone thought rather nice

But interviews went pretty badly

And home she went to mother, sadly.


An agency came up with Beryl

But referees said “She’s a peril

What Hamlyn’s needs is someone groovy”

And, hey presto, in flew Ruby.


Half a dozen years have passed

Since good fortune blew that blast

And Ruby’s moved up floor by floor

A long way from the big front door.


Ruby’s winning personality

Goes with organisational ability

Her write-ups done with such agility

Managiing Frog with such facility.


Frogs can hug like mother earth

Frogs can jump and scream with mirth

In shocking shirts and orange slacks

Bought in sales at TKMaxx


But Ruby sorts the whole Frog out

And manages to hide her pout

Whenever her boss Regis appears

Just smiles at both his flying ears.


But Ireland is a smallish place

And Ruby wants a larger base

With Lee the world is Ruby’s oyster

So let us all with Pimms rejoice her.


Send her on her global way

Perhaps to Precious Rambotswe

To America, Asia and afar

Ruby there shines like a star.



Thomas Ponsonby

PHF 2008