The Ballad of Puddledock Lane

’Twas on a bright October day that fate laid Sidney low,
Enticed by thrill of gradient, he suffered a grevious blow.
Prone upon the ground he lay and thought without despair,
“I wonder if my bike’s alright - or will it need repair.”

They scooped him up from off the ground and took him right away
Not Tunbridge Wells but Farnborough, which he preferred that day.
“You’ve got a broken hip” they said “which we shall soon replace
With titanium spike and cobalt ball.” to which he said “That’s ace.”

For fifteen days the guest he was of tax-payers big and small,
And now he’s back at home again he’d like to thank them all.
He’d like to thank his visitors - being entertained at leisure,
And thanks to Mary most of all for giving all that pleasure.

To him she travelled daily, by train and bus or bike,
Ministering to his every need - she knew just what he’d like,
Slippers, books or laptop - he only had to ask,
No problem was insoluble, she was up to any task.

At home she did things for him until he learned to cope,
And if he was uncomfortable she’d help with oil and soap.
He’s learned to be a man again thanks to her love and care,
No more thoughtless risks he’ll take - he knows it isn’t fair.

Now he is recovering, but he’ll never be the same,
One leg shorter than it was - only he to blame.
But as his body slowly heals his spirit is refreshed
By the trust and love of Mary - nothing but the best!

When he thinks what happened on that bright October day,
Sidney knows he’s had a chance to find another way
To learn about life’s problems, gain in strength and then
To live in tune with Mary and be the happiest of men.

Sidney Schuman

January 2006