Jem's Baptism


Dearest Duncan
Huge thanks for a really lovely baptism today. Jem had a fantastic day and has gone to bed a happy little man tonight. It is wonderful to know that he has such lovely god parents and his Uncle Duncan in his life. He's a lucky boy! As with the wedding service, we had lots of comments from our guests today that you made it very special. Thank you for taking the time to make it so personal and enjoyable. Your kind words of wisdom always strike a chord with us. We hope you find use for your notebook (and of course the funny little bouncy reindeer decoration!). Jem chose them specially for you. We'll keep in touch and come to visit you again sometime soon. Best wishes for a happy festive season!
Love from Ruby, Lee and Jem xxx


Pictures of the baptism


Very dear Ruby, Lee & Jem,

Thank you for the privilege of being able to baptise the wonderful Jem today, a privilege added to that of having married you, as well.  It means a great deal to me to have been entrusted with such significant moments in your lives and both occasions have been very special to me - as, indeed, all three of you are.I can't tell you what delight it gave me to baptise Jem - there is something very special about that young man, even in these early days and months and today was a personal joy for me, with a wonderful congregation who were up for it and coped so well with my sometimes alarming enthusiasm! And such lovely godparents - not to mention the parents as well! I am so delighted with that beautiful book - I want to save it for a very special time - perhaps for something before I retire, but haven't worked that out yet. The fab reindeer is a great hit, not only with me but with my son Nicky and his Anna and, with covetous eyes, by Nicky's cat, Jose! Let him DARE get hold of it - still working out a safe place to hang the reindeer as Jose is pretty athletic! But thank you for what was a truly enjoyable and special day for me and for a privilege I will never forget. Lots of love to each of you, and to all of you as a family, I think I'm old enough to be Uncle Duncan to all of you!

God bless,   xxx