John O'Groats to Land's End - 1989  

August 2nd - John O'Groats to Helmsdale (56 miles)     Next
This was a killer, although it started quietly enough, covered in Scotch mist and with a mild breeze. We got to Wick
for brunch, having found the 17 miles rather boring, then the fun began. The road climbed, we tried to - and the wind
tried to stop us. It was now a stiff breeze and getting stronger. The skies cleared so we could now see the surrounding
countryside in all its glorious monotony. We struggled on to Latheron, where there was a man in a van dispensing rolls
Then on to Dunbeath - a glorious spot and the first real hill (1 in 9). Now the road was really hilly and the wind was 
really strong. We badly needed food as we had none left. We dropped into Berriedale at 4.31pm to find the only shop 
closed - at 4.30 - and the owner impervious to our pleas. Ten miles still to go, starving hungry, nasty headwind and - 
for starters - a 1 in 8 hill one mile long. We thought we'd never get to Helmsdale, but eventually we arrived at the 
Youth Hostel at 6.30pm. We were too exhausted to fend for ourselves, so we had dinner in a cafe.